Repton 2

Repton 2

Repton 2, the eagerly-awaited sequel!The challenge continues...

Repton 2, the eagerly-awaited sequel! The challenge continues. spirits, transporters, skulls, puzzle pieces, and now savepoints by popular request!

* Three varied scenarios: Beginner, Message and Caverns. * Savepoints to enable players to save their game positions. There are two savepoints in Beginner, three in Message, and 14 in the advanced Caverns scenario.

* An easy-to use editor for creating an unlimited number of new Repton 2 levels and scenarios. * You can include your own high-resolution colour images as puzzle pictures in your scenario designs!

Make your own Repton 2 levels using appropriate pictures for your family and friends! Repton 2 builds upon the foundations of Repton 1 by including new game characters and additional objectives.

The extra game characters include spirits, cages, transporters, skulls, savepoints, starports and puzzle pieces. There are also guardian skulls; our hero Repton has to fulfil specific tasks to remove these skulls.

The puzzles are sometimes easy, often thought-provoking, and occasionally some may seem to be almost impossible. Our online Hall of Fame is ready and waiting for successful players who finish the Message or Caverns scenarios!

* Repton 2 is one of our most popular games ever! * Can you complete Repton 2? Customer Comments (quoted with permission): Repton 2 - it's everything I had hoped it would be, and more!

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